Starting Ponies

Julie has been breaking in ponies at Taminga for 25 years. Respect for the responsibility of preparing ponies for young riders is never underestimated.  Julie’s small size is considered a bonus , as many clients prefer not to have a larger person start their young ponies.   A background in dressage assists in producing  ponies who work forward into a soft contact from the very start.   

No fixed method is used for starting horses at Taminga, as each horse is an individual.  Instead, Julie reacts to the horse’s responses, and draws from a repertoire of techniques and skills developed over many years of working with horses. The initial stages include extensive familiarization with handling and becoming accustomed to gear.

The pony is carefully mouthed, as this is so important in terms of the response under saddle.  Some are led off a reliable companion, and a lot of time is spent handling  the pony . Care is taken that the pony is always confident and understands each step, thus avoiding  fear which could trigger a panic reaction.  

The breaking in process includes lessons for the intended rider, to ensure a confident transition to the home environment. By this stage, ponies should be able to perform a simple dressage test or show workout.  Of course, the time taken depends on the individual, but most are ready to return home within 4 to 6 weeks. Transitions, circles and straight lines  at walk, trot and canter are usually taught in the arena, before venturing into larger areas. Leg yielding will be introduced. Once under saddle, the pony is taught to go forward, stop and turn without resistance, and encouraged to use their back correctly whilst working forward into the bit. 

Road and paddock work is important, and ponies are expected to become relaxed whether working by themselves or with a companion. Float loading lessons are included. 

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Training Horses

“What the horse does under compulsion …is done without understanding; and there is no beauty in it either, any more than if one should whip and spur a dancer.” Xenophon

Julie’s experience in both the equestrian and racing environment provide an ideal background for the retraining of the Off The Track thoroughbred.  Reeducation for the horse’s next career is available at Taminga, and Julie is in a position to find suitable retired racehorses. 

Training of equestrian horses, polishing off the education of breakers, and preparation for sale or competition are available.  Horses are taken for a minimum of 2 weeks, although suitability assessments may be completed in less time. Julie is available to travel to inspect and assess horses being considered for purchase.

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Lessons for the intended rider are included for horses in training at Taminga.

Quality horses are occasionally available for sale.

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