Julie is a qualified riding instructor with an extensive background in teaching riders of all ages and abilities, from Pony Club beginners to FEI dressage competitors.

Sessions focussed on basic horsemanship and handling are available, building skills and knowledge required for a successful partnership with the horse.

A fundamental aim of training is to foster an harmonic relationship between horse and rider. Lessons have several areas of focus:

1)  Riders are taught to balance with the horse's movement, and to sit in a stable position so they can effectively influence the horse.

2)  Riders are assisted in developing knowledge of their horse's thinking and behaviour, so they can anticipate and work confidently towards achieving personal equestrian aims.  Horsemanship must be developed.

3) Exercises and techniques are used to encourage the horse to work with the rider in a more balanced way.  Having the horse working correctly makes it easier for the rider to sit well, and to therefore become increasingly effective.

Don't have a horse?

Lessons are also available on 3 very special school horses, each being suited to riders of a different level, from beginners to advanced dressage level.

Julie is available for lessons, clinics and pony club camps.

The Racing Industry

Interested in a career in the racing industry? Prospective stablehands and anyone interested in developing further skills, can gain experience and confidence at Taminga before enrolling in the required TAFE training.

There are plans to implement track work riding tuition on well educated thoroughbreds.

Pictured: Julie riding Party Music to win at Colac Races


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